Rates and Policies

Weekend and Daily Information
Site TypeUtilitiesSitesDaily Rate*3-Nights Holiday Weekends
Tent, PopUpWater, 20A Elec. W7, E, F, G, H$40$170
Tent, PopUpWater, Cable, 20A Elec.W8. W9$40$170
Tent, PopUpWater, Cable, 20A Elec., RiverA, B, C, D$45$185
Tent, TrailerWater, Cable, 30A Elec.G1-6, W4, W5$40$170
Tent, TrailerWater, Cable, 30A Elec., RiverR1-R39, S1-S5$45$185
Full-Hookup 30AWater, Sewer, Cable, 30A Elec.H1-17, W1-3, W10-12, W15-16$50$200
Full-Hookup 50AWater, Sewer, Cable, 50A Elec.F1-13, P1-5, D1-15, W13-14, H14 $50$200
Weekly Rate: Six-Times Day-Rate, Get the Seventh Day Free!

Monthly Camping

Full-Hookup sites available monthly for $725. This includes water, sewer, and cable TV.

Electrical use is metered and billed monthly. High-speed internet is available for long-term campers.

Full-Time Seasonal

Full-time sites are available for the regular camping season for $3,725. This includes water, sewer, cable TV.

Electrical use is metered and billed monthly. High-speed internet is available for long-term campers.

Trailer Storage
SummerDaily On-Site$10
SummerDaily Off-Site$3
SummerWeekly Off-Site$20
SummerMonthly Off-Site$65
Guest and Visitor Fees

Camping rates are based on a family of 2 Adults and Their Children under 21 y/o. Additional persons will be treated as visitors, as outlined below:

Day Visitors$6
Overnight Visitors$12
Weekend Visitors$18
Holiday Weekend Visitors$24


  • Check-in Time is after 3:00 pm. Check-out is before 1:00 pm. Early arrivals will be charged visitor fees.
  • Daily visitors must leave the grounds by 10:00 pm, or they will be billed as over-night visitors.
  • A family unit is two adults and their children under 21 y/o.
  • Nickerson Park is a private campground. Only guests in good standing may enter the property. Access will be denied until outstanding balances are paid in full.
  • Outstanding balances will be charged an 18% APR at the beginning of each month.
  • $25 will be charged for checks returned by banks.
  • Deposits for seasonal sites are non-refundable.
  • General cancellations: Full Refund Before 14 Days, Full Credit 14-7 Days Prior to Reservation, No Refund Under 7 Days.
  • All guest are expected to adhere to our Site Rules and Guest Conduct.
  • Nickerson Park Family Campground Does Not Allow Tiny Homes, Park-Models, or Similar Trailer, and reserves the at will right to refuse service to guests.
  • Guest at Nickerson Park Family Campground are not authorized to sublet their campsites or trailers to other visitors either privately, or through programs such as VRBO, RvWithMe, Outdoorsy, Air B&B, or the likes.