Around the Grounds

The Lodge

The Lodge, or Rec-Hall as you will often here it referred to, is the social heart of Nickerson Park.

Located at the bottom campground entrance, this building houses the main office, camp-store, arcade, billiards and ping-pong tables, and a laundromat.

On Holiday Weekends, many activities, such as Kid’s Bingo, Scavenger Hunts, and Frog-Jumping Contests, are all based out of The Lodge.

Playgrounds and Bike Trails

As a family campground, Nickerson Park strives to provide safe places for kids to get outside and explore the world around them.

Adjacent to The Lodge is a large playground complete with a play-set, swings, seesaws, basketball, volleyball, tether-ball, and funnel-ball. Various balls, games, and sporting equipment can be checked out from the main office.

At the North End of the camp ground, near the entrance to the River Trail, is a second swing-set with a large tire-swing.

Facilities and Restrooms

For ease of access, restrooms are located throughout the campground. Aside from The Lodge, there are two other bathroom facilities on the grounds.

In the center of the campground is a restroom facility cheerfully referred to as ‘Little John.’ The Shower-House, toward the North End of the campground, houses bathrooms and coin-operated showers. All restroom and shower facilities are open 24-7 during the normal camping season.

Horseshoe Pits

Since the early 1900’s, the game of Horseshoes has been a staple of campgrounds across america. Set of Horseshoe Pits can be found near the main playground, and toward the North End of the campground. Horseshoes can be checked out of the Main Office.

On Holiday Weekends, seasonal campers often put together a pick-up tournament open to all campers and guests. Swing by the Main Office to inquire about dates and times for these events.

River Trails

The woods at the North End of Nickerson Park is filled with winding trails that overlook the pools and rapids of the Natchaug River. These trails carry northward into the Natchaug State Forest and Picnic Area, and ultimately connect to the Blue Trail, and the CCC (Blue-Yellow) Trail.

Here at Nickerson Park, it is common to see groups of children exploring these trails on their bicycles or by foot; playing and catching frogs along the edge of the water.

Swing by the Main Office for a map of the Natchaug Trail System.