The Nickerson Family

In 1967, on the heels of the construction of the national highway system, Winnebago released the F-19 motor-home, and changed the face of camping forever; moving the industry from open fields of station-wagons and canvas tents, to hard-top trailers that would require stable pads and utilities.

This same year, Wayne and Marie Nickerson moved their family to a gravel pasture along the Natchaug River to build one of Connecticut’s first trailer-friendly campgrounds; providing families with a relaxing place to vacation, while meeting the needs of the changing industry.

Over the past 50 years, the Nickerson family has remained committed to providing its guests with a peaceful, family-friendly camping experience. From the once-empty fields, and wooded forests, the Nickerson’s have worked diligently to build a community that feels like home to so many people.