Asian Longhorn Beetle

The Bug

The Asian Longhorn Beetle (ALB) is an exotic pest that threatens forests across New England and the Mid-Atlantic. Recognized by its large, shiny, black body, this insect has six legs and two long, striped antennae. Note the white spotted pattern along its outer wings.

Though the adult beetle is rarely seen, their presence is often indicated by exit-holes and egg-laying sites on tree trunks and branches. Exit holes look like bullet-holes roughly the size of a dime, while egg-laying sites are shallow injuries to the bark, often oval.

The Threat

While Connecticut forests offer seasonal wonder to visitors, they are an ideal environment for the spread of ALB, as of 47% of Connecticut trees are susceptible species. As of October 2019, an infestation in Massachusetts resulted in the removal of over 30,000 trees from a quarantine zone of nearly 110 square miles.

As campgrounds depend on the natural beauty of Connecticut’s forests, such a deforestation would be detrimental to our businesses and your camping experiences. For this reason, we require that all visitors and guest of Nickerson Park Family Campground comply with all State and Federal Regulations, and adhere to policies put in place by campground staff.

The Rules

According to State and Federal regulations, it is illegal to transport firewood or other regulated materials from ALB or Emerald Ash Borer quarantine zones. Additionally, any transportation of firewood within the state of Connecticut requires an In-State Firewood Transportation Certificate of Origin.

In an effort to safeguard the Natchaug State Forest, and the campgrounds contained within, from the threat of ALB, Nickerson Park Family Campground does not allow outside fire-wood to be brought onto the grounds under any circumstances. USDA and DEEP compliant firewood can be purchased onsite.